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Turning Hope Into Reality
Jennifer is one of the leading adoption attorneys in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia for clients seeking private adoptions.   Jennifer delivers high quality legal services for a reasonable cost. Jennifer provides a streamlined process with direct client contact and regular communication which ensures proper and complete adoption filings.

Adoption and Collaborative Reproduction (Surrogacy and Donors) is both exciting and stressful. For prospective parents considering adoption or assisted reproductive technology (ART) as a means to achieving their family building goal, there are many steps to work through and details to consider both before starting the process and throughout the process. Having an attorney assist you can reduce the stress and help you with a clearer path forward. Each of method to family building takes time, patience and persistence and the end result is rewarding.

Jennifer Fairfax is an experienced, client centered attorney who can guide you through your journey, help minimize risks and reduce problems that could arise.   She provides cohesive adoption and ART services to clients locally and across the country.


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