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Natera applies revolutionary technology to change the management of disease, women’s health, reproduction, oncology and organ transplantation.

Here, we offer proven tools to help improve IVF success.

Our Spectrum preimplantation genetic testing evaluates embryos for extra or missing chromosomes (PGT-A), structural rearrangements (PGT-SR), or single gene conditions (PGT-M), improving the chances of a healthy pregnancy.   We test for Chromosome abnormalities and known familial genetic conditions.

Spectrum: Improving the chances of a healthy pregnancy

Why Choose Spectrum?

Spectrum supports you by offering:

PGT-A testing that can determine whether a chromosome abnormality originated from the mother or the father.
Screening for all chromosomes, haploidy, triploidy, and uniparental disomy (UPD).
Single-gene PGT-M testing includes 24-chromosome PGT-A testing.
Detection of DNA contamination and confirmation of parentage.
Calculated accuracy typically greater than 99%.

Why use PGT-A testing?

Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A), such as Spectrum can improve the chance of a successful pregnancy while reducing the chance of miscarriage or of having a child with a chromosome condition. Spectrum is a type of embryo screening that can help identify the healthiest embryos during an IVF cycle.

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