Sheridan School

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Through the eyes of our students (a video that captures Sheridan in action)

Please watch See Why K-8 is Great – Especially at Sheridan

 BIO: A joyful and spirited place, Sheridan School is a learning community where we expect our students to achieve great things . . . and they do.

 We intentionally develop in students an authentic desire to learn, to frame questions, to seek answers, to lead, to explore, and to create.

 Challenge at Sheridan is not limited to the classroom. Our 130-acre Mountain Campus provides students with an opportunity to move outside the comfort of their regular surroundings and experience new levels of challenge in nature—a perspective that plays a vital role in developing confidence and character.

 Our oldest tradition? Kindness. The sense of welcoming and warmth you feel upon walking through our doors has been at the heart of our school since its founding in 1927.


Contact Name: Margie Gotfried
Street: 4430 36th St NW
City: Wash DC 20008
Email Address:
Phone Number: 202-362-7900
Level: Community